30th April, 2017

The purpose of Art is to enrich life as it unfolds moment by moment. To uncover wonder in the ordinary. To pose questions that spiral toward wisdom. To catalyze half-moments of the sublime in our longings. To nurture beauty in a way which we may discover and rediscover our hungry souls. To remember that all things must die.

We are not Humanists because we wrestle with morality; we are not Feminists because we begin with inclusivity; we are not Marxist because we are broke as a joke; we are not Capitalists because we ask for ten bucks admission; we are not Freudian because we are curious about your dreams; we are not Jungian because we are inspired by myth and spirit; we are not Christian because we are American; we are not Buddhists because we plunge into detached and empty spaces; we are not Atheists because we question God; we are not Existentialists because we take responsibility; we are not Deterministic because we are dashing toward our fate; we are not Postmodernists because we reject overarching truths; we are not Scientists because we embrace naturalism; we are not Romantics because we are nostalgic; we are not Idealists because we have soul; we are not Activists because we believe in democracy; we are not Scholars because we read and write in journals; we are not Nietzschean because we strive for personal excellence; we are not Gypsies because we look toward the stars; we are committed Artists at very-very-profoundly strange and confusing moment in History. Philosophy is merely the glue that binds our knowledge.

To be an artist is to remain open and curious to life. The Bensonhurst Review is a platform of inquiry, creativity, expression, and performance that celebrates this belief. We use the practical mechanisms of creating a ‘zine’ alongside a theatrical showcase as a way of building community. The values of our community revolve around creativity and knowledge. To wipe the dust off old and ancient ideas. To infuse our lives with meaning and magic. To be perpetually surrounded by art and artists. To bring vitality, hope, and love into our world rather than art serving as a temporary relief from daily misgivings. That is what the Bensonhurst Review stands for.

The Bensonhurst Review Crew