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Current Call for Submissions Letter:

The upcoming issue will revolve around “Amor Fati” – this is a Latin phrase that translates into “Love of Fate”. The phrase was made popular by the nineteenth century philosopher-poet Friedrich Nietzsche through a handful of his books and teachings. In short, Nietzsche believed that the greatest aspiration we should reach would be to wholly love and accept our fate (past, present, and future). In essence, Amor Fati is concerned with embracing our starting points in life and finding freedom through the convictions, talents, and passions that emerge naturally from the spirit and our experiences.

This all may appear quite abstract and lofty at the moment, but bear with me for another moment !

It’s all too common to grow resentful and bitter toward the world in times of crises and increasing injustice (and as a consequence, toward life itself !), however, I believe that this is where Nietzsche would throw the responsibility back onto us, and remind us that we should learn to cultivate the positive with / through the negative (from within !) before staking a claim. Should we not turn inward and consider re-defining who we are and what we believe ? Or, perhaps this is a foolish / self-indulgent idea ? That’s for each artist to ponder.

Indeed, we are not immune to history, and this is precisely why I’m presenting this philosophy to all of you as a theme – hopefully, to inspire introspection and creativity.

We are super excited to read, publish, and enjoy performances regarding all your lovely work ! The process of putting together the magazine and showcase has consistently been heart-warming, thought provoking, and inspiring – we look forward to growing the Bensonhurst Review community with you !